our roots

Having been an avid vegetable gardeners for over 25 years, I have always wanted to experiment with making an amazing hot sauce from what I grew in my garden. First, I decided on using the right pepper. I chose the habanero for its unique and fiery flavor and heat. That summer, I planted several habanero pepper plants in my vegetable garden. During the heat of summer, when the peppers were ripe orange, I picked them along with onions, carrots, bell peppers and other fresh vegetables from the garden. Next, I threw into the blender all of the ingredients I've always loved on other foods...fresh garlic, olive oil, fresh lemon and other veggies and spices which add a variety of other flavors. It took several attempts to get the right smoothness, heat and flavor I was looking for. Finally, I had it down. To top it off, I added handmade vodka to my recipe...just to give it an extra smooth taste. Similar to the smoothness a vodka pasta sauce may have. When all ingredients were brought to a roaring boil, and all flavors blended perfectly together, I let the sauce cool overnight. The next day, I bottled up my concoction. And Chiki Chiki Boom Habanero Hot Sauce was born! 

My friends and family loved my new creation. Everyone seem to be "addicted" to the flavor of Chiki Chiki Boom. They were always calling me up for more. I found myself making 3 to 4, 50 to 60 bottle batches each summer. Everyone who tried it loved it and encouraged me to get my hot sauce into stores everywhere. After much thought, I said to myself "why not". It was my love of gardening and always enjoying eating fresh food from the garden that has led to my hot sauce story. The rest really is history. I hope you, your friends and family love Chiki Chiki Boom as much as mine do. 

- David